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       I knew from a very young age that I always wanted to work with animals. As a young child growing up in Maitland, FL  I always had a special connection with animals. I originally intended to be an animal behaviorist and to work with large cats. Unfortunately that plan came to an abrupt stop when I discovered those positions never opened up. I began researching my options, when I discovered pet grooming. I thought this might just be a job I really enjoy and I could work with animals as I have always wanted. I discovered there was a school in Winter Park, FL down the road from my where I live. And it just so happened to be ranked the number 2 in grooming schools in the United States. So this was the beginning of my journey.

       I enrolled in the Florida Institute of Animal Arts in May of 2002. I attended school full time doing 40 hours a week so I could complete the school within a couple of months. I graduated at the top of my class.

       I began working at a veterinary clinic but was not happy working in that environment. I then moved over to a grooming shop. I enjoyed my time there but I was looking for more. I was then offered a position working as a mobile groomer. I found my calling. I then decided I would benefit more from owning my own business. So I applied for a loan. Got approved. And was on my way to success.

      I started my business back in July 2004. It has turned out to be an overwhelming success. Such a success that I now have two more vehicles out on the roads.