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If you have any questions about my services or would like to schedule an appointment please feel free to give me a call. If you would like to send any comments or recommendations, you may send them to jennyg008@yahoo.com



Van Equipment

       I keep my vans stocked with all the necessary equipment for a pleasant grooming experience. The equipment you will find in my van are:


       This van is fully functional due to a high powered generator. The generator provides the power to run all the electrical appliances. The generator also provides the power to heat the furnace in the van so the animals are kept in a comfortable environment during their grooming session.


       This van carries a propane tank on board. This tank heats the water carried in the van so that your animals are kept as comfortable as possible, especially through the cold months.


       This van is complete with A.C. keeping myself and your beloved pet cool and comfortable even during the hottest days.


       The van carries a 50 gallon fresh water tank as well as a 50 gallon dirty water tank. This provides me with my own water to travel to customers homes. The fresh water is recycled in the the dirty water tank as it is used to ensure the dirty water is not re-used.


       This system pumps water and shampoo thru the system mixing them together as they are released thru a spray nozzle. This allows the shampoo to work through the entire coat penetrating through to the skin to ensure your pet is thoroughly cleaned. The penetration exfoliates dead hair and skin keeping the coat happy. The added benefit is the massage. The pressure applied from the Supersudser acts as a massager relieving any aches and pains the animal may have. This is especially good for animals who suffer from arthritis.


       This system provides a vacuum suction on the coat, which helps navigate through tangles and under mats, while also removing fleas, dander and hair. This system is used during the shave down/grooming process. It leaves the coat with a smoother more finished look . The vacuum also acts as a coolant keeping the blades cool , which prevent clipper burn on animals.


        Electric table is an upgrade from the original table. This table is operated with the push of a button. The table lowers to about a foot off the floor allowing larger animals to step up onto the table without having to be fully lifted.


       This ramp is used for larger breeds enabling them to walk from the table to the bath tub. It helps me from having to put the strain onto my back from lifting them while also making the animal feel more comfortable with the bathing process. 


       The stainless steel tub is large enough to hold the largest breed with room to spare.  The stainless steel is a much more sanitary surface. Its steel surface doesn't allow fungus or mold to remain on its surface which is much more sanitary than any other tub surface. It is very easy to clean and sanitize.


       These dryers are designed specifically for grooming. Animals tend to become nervous during the drying process. these dryers force water off the coat and drying and the dog very quickly. It cuts drying time in half compared to any other standard dryer. This quickens the process causing less stress on the animal. For thicker coated animals I carry a second dryer to quicken the process even more.


      A small shop vac is placed into the back of the van with a hose running to the front connected to a switch inside the van keeping the van very professional. I vacuum the hair, nails, etc. during and after every groom. This keeps the van looking clean and presentable at all times.